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Product Description

Industrial BeltMulti-Rib Belt





The Multi-Rib Belt can replace several traditional belts and reduce operation costs considerably with light weight, vibration-free operation and long time. It is very flexible and to be used in serpentine drives.


The Multi-Rib Belt, also termed V-Ribbed Belt, with the characteristic V-ribs is resistant to oil and temperature stresses, and it is antistatic. The V-profiles of the belt are in a special rubber compound with direction-oriented fibres that provide very high stability.

- Light Weight
- Vibration-Free
- Long using life
- High flexibility


DIN 7867, ASAE S 211.4, ISO 9982 and RMA/MPTA IP-26

List of k Value

Rib Type Rib Profile and Measurement
Rib Pitch (Pb) Rig Height (Ht) Belt Thickness (h) Angle (α)
inch mm inch mm inch mm  
PH 0.063 1.6 0.043 1.1 0.12 3.05 40°
PJ 0.092 2.34 0.071 1.8 0.16 4.06 40°
PK 0.14 3.56 0.094 2.4 0.189 4.8 40°
PL 0.185 4.7 0.181 4.6 0.38 9.65 40°
PM 0.37 9.4 0.37 9.4 0.66 16.76 40°