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PVC, PU and PE Conveyor Belt


Establishment of industrial and mining mechanical conveyor belt co., LTD is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales. Leading products are common, heat-resistant (high temperature), acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, cold resistant, wear resistant, different properties such as general flame retardant cotton canvas (CC), nylon (NN) conveyor belt, polyester (EP) flat and large dip Angle gear sideband, with decorative pattern, such as conveyor belt.
With the continuous development of science and technology, the conveyor belt conveying machinery constantly improve, kinds and types of conveyor belt are also growing. PVCPU andPEconveyor belt is conveyor belt of the three categories, introduces relevant knowledge about the three kinds of conveyor belt below as follows:
A, PVC conveyor belt:
1. Good physical properties and a wide range of applications;
2. Antistatic and cutting resistance;
3. Hardness: 35-85 shore a, normal: 65-75, off the coast of a;
4. Working temperature: - 10 - c - 80 - c.
Application: widely used in airports, food processing, logistics and the tobacco industry and other industries, such as wood, marble and stone, textile, sports cars, and so on.
Second, PU conveyor belts:
1. Good physical performance, good abrasion resistance and oil resistance;
2. Widely used in food and tobacco industry;
3. Food grade and non-toxic combustion to produce;
4. 90 shore a hardness:;
5. Working temperature: - 20 - c - 70 - c.
Three, PE conveyor belts:
1. Widely used in tobacco industry;
2. Food grade and non-toxic combustion to produce;
3. Good resistance to cold;
4. 90 shore a hardness:;
5. Working temperature: - 30-60 c c.