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         We, TEC BELTING COMPANY, the subsidiary of TEC GROUP INC. are one of the biggest suppliers in China who specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of Power Transmission Belts and Conveyor Belts, including Industrial Belt, Agricultural Belt, Automotive Belt, Motorcycle Belt, Fabri…




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TEC Belting Co.,Ltd main all kinds of rubber conveyor belt, such as ordinary canvas conveyor belt,nylon conveyor belt, polyester belt, heat resistant conveyor beltsoil resistant conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt, ring conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt,rubber belt, rubber water stop, raised edge conveyor belt wave, etc. And roller, roller, conveyor, stents and so on the many kinds of transportation equipment and accessories. Among them, theconveyor is also a strong main products, TEC OSAKO MITSUHIKO , etc. These three of the conveyor can meet the different needs of customers. For the you choose which a conveyor can be suitable for you and have a headache? Below TEC introduction three kinds of conveyors to help customers make a better choice.