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         We, TEC BELTING COMPANY, the subsidiary of TEC GROUP INC. are one of the biggest suppliers in China who specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of Power Transmission Belts and Conveyor Belts, including Industrial Belt, Agricultural Belt, Automotive Belt, Motorcycle Belt, Fabri…




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Belt Vibration

Vibration signatures are widely used for studying belt drive malfunctions. Some of the common malfunctions or faults include the effects of belt tension, speed, sheaveeccentricity and misalignment conditions.The effect of sheave Eccentricity on vibration signatures of the belt drive is quite significant. Although, vibration magnitude is not necessarily increased by this it will create strong amplitude modulation. When the top section of a belt is in resonance, the vibrations of the machine is increased. However, an increase in the machine vibration is not significant when only the bottom section of the belt is in resonance. The vibration spectrum has the tendency to move to higher frequencies as the tension force of the belt is increased.