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         We, TEC BELTING COMPANY, the subsidiary of TEC GROUP INC. are one of the biggest suppliers in China who specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of Power Transmission Belts and Conveyor Belts, including Industrial Belt, Agricultural Belt, Automotive Belt, Motorcycle Belt, Fabri…


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TEC Belt (High Power Belt) is the super quality of the three quality grade which is used for Heavy Industrial and Automotive, and it is designed with stiff cord and special rubber elastomer which bring high tension, high flexibility, and high service using life.
OSAKO Belt is with a wide range of applications in industrial machinery and agricultural. With features of Oil-resistance, Heat-resistance & Abrasion-resistance, OSAKO belts are suitable to be run at very high speed and reach good transmitting efficiency.
MITSUHIKO Belt is with features of Oil-resistance, Heat-resistance & Abrasion-resistance. MITSUHIKO Belt is used for Agricultural Transmission and with most price advantage.